Saving Serafino is an electro-pop-indie-punk project, with neomelodic influences and ambiguous attitudes. All of this makes their live shows a tangle of irreverent irony, with a taste for melody, arrangement and every possible parody of themselves.

It is a cross-section of the society in which we live. A story to dance to. A "Baron in the Trees" who makes its way into the tree of life and who, seeing no way out, begins to laugh. Loudly. 
Be careful, it's contagious.

Andrea's contribution to Saving Serafino is heavily influenced by his Dance, Trance and Techno background. Using both modular and prewired synthesizers he's able to bring a very danceable feel that complements well the project identity.

The result is a heterogeneous, lousy, ambiguous extra-punk band that works surprisingly well, going above and beyond standard music genres to shout with its own voice.

"Saving Serafino is a home when you can be as weird and noisy as you want, and everyone will love you more for doing so."